Decent women! The agency presents intelligent, educated and successful Russian-speaking women from the Eastern Europe who are oriented on the serious relationship and creation of a family.

Respectable men!

The agency receives applications from successful men whose aspirations about a woman of their choice are rather high and require further professional support and assistance.  They do not become applicants by chance, but usually access the agency through recommendations and interviews.

Spot approach! 

The more demanding a man is, the more interesting is the work with him. Our agency offers a unique approach and complex solution in the selection of a worthy life companion for each client.


Our agency has an access to 600 000 profiles of Slavic and Russian-speaking women all over the world and this amount is growing constantly.

The agency is increasing the efficiency of its service at a fast rate trying to maximally satisfy the clients’ requests and achieve the level when 60% of applicants meet their soulmates during the period of one year.


We have been granted the greatest trust from our customers, because they have recommended the agency to their friends, acquaintances and post their photos on our site without hesitation!

You can trust any lady from our agency, because it takes 6 months to get prepared for the meeting with you!

You will be pleased and surprised to meet a woman from the agency. This is how a happy relationship for the entire life starts!

Individual approach

Investitions into the one’s personal life are the most important!

You can be truly happy only if the beloved and dearest woman, the closest soulmate is by your side!​

We are able to assess and understand your preferences during the 30-45 minutes interview online.  Within the next 3 days, our professionals are to find the most suitable candidates according to your initial wishes.


For your convenience, the service is provided in three international languages: English, German and Russian.

Our agency is the first online boutique which offers the services remotely. You will not waste your time visiting the office personally, because we will contact you in the online mode.

You will have a unique opportunity to meet the woman of your choice in any country of the world at any time convenient for you.


We highly value your time and will do our best to ensure that you make a maximally accurate and fast choice.

You can assess a woman from the video-presentation, feel her energy and understand whether she is the right person for you.  

We are sure you will be surprised with the level of accuracy and professionalism in the selection of a suitable candidate for the foundation of  your dream relationship.

Why can we find a woman of your life?

The best women from Russian-speaking countries

In our agency, you will meet gorgeous feminine ladies who have succeeded in their life, have own hobbies and interests, completed a half-year training by a certified dating coach and can become a worthy companion for the lifetime.

Innovative approach

Absolutely new quality of partner selection, based on the trust, accuracy of choice, desire satisfaction, communication convenience and getting acquainted with the chosen women.

We are trusted by people all over the world

The project is working between New York, Vienna and Moscow. The agency has taken the second place in the final of iDateAwards, the international competition in the sphere of online dating. It has been nominated for the Best Matchmaker and the Best Product Design. Certified coaches, experts, interpreters and psychologists in our team guarantee a competent service, professionalism and high results.


Find impeccable service for an acceptable price. You will be provided with a 24/7 online assistance and support.


We highly appreciate our reputation and peace of our clients. Therefore, there is a warranty of an absolute anonymity.

Working for the best results

The founder of the agency

Julia Lanske

Certified matchmaker, coach, psychologist, women’s consultant:

  • Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration
  • Carlson School of Management (MBA Honors Diploma);
  • Erickson College International (Coach diploma);
  • Matchmaking Institute, NY (Matchmaker diploma);
  • The Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Information security, Honors diploma).

Over 10 years of experience in the marketing sphere working with luxury male brands in the international companies (Russia, Europe, the U.S.).

Over 14 years of marriage with the reputable Austrian.  

  • Lives between Vienna and Moscow;
  • Familiar with the mentality of men from the Western countries;
  • Knows what is important for successful men and shares her experience in training programs over 6 years already.a

Contribution to the creation of more than 250 happy families.

  • In 2013, founded the Life Transformation Boutique for Women;
  • Has elaborated over 20 original learning programs;
  • Hundreds of men and women have found each other with the help of her original algorithm for successful marriage.

Women from the Agency









IT Specialist




We will help you to find a deserving woman for life and with whom you will achieve the true happiness of love!  

Online dating websites represent a popular alternative for agencies, but in this case you will have to thoroughly look for your diamond among millions of different women. We have done it for you already.

You do not have to waste your precious time for:

  • filtering of real profiles from the fake ones;
  • checking the real age of a woman;
  • verification of the woman’s photo identity;
  • communication with scams and women offering sex services.

When using the service of our agency, you receive:

  • women’s data reliability;
  • video-presentation;
  • constant matchmaker’s
  • assistance and support.

1. Julia Lanske - the founder of the agency - is a certified matchmaker, coach, women’s consultant and psychologist who has contributed to the creation of over 250 happy families.


2.  Women enter the agency after completion of specialized courses on the relationship building. This means that every girl from the agency:

invests her time and immense efforts in order to build a happy and strong family;

learns, changes and can make her man truly happy;

already possesses communication psychology skills necessary for the foundation of a high-quality relationship;

is educated, intelligent, feminine and ready for creation of strong relationships and family.


3. We work online all over the world and you do not have to waste your time on formal business visits and routine paperwork. Fast communication via WhatsApp and Skype - we highly value your time!

  1. We organize an online meeting with you - a casual conversation will allow us to discover your main wishes and needs.
  2. You need to fill out your online profile on the site, upload pictures and information about yourself. The provided data must sufficiently present your personality.
  3. We select women according to your desires.
  4. Upon your request, we can ensure a faster meeting with a woman.
  5. We provide you with the most convenient means to contact the girl.
  6. Women from our agency consider possible flight to visit  a man.
  7. Further development of relationship depends on the scenario you and the woman consider to be the most optimal one.

We are open for help and consultation on any of the above-mentioned stages.

We fully accept your being selective and will further work on thorough preparation of candidates for your consideration till the moment you find a suitable and worthy woman.

Date and location for a date, flight and accommodation conditions are defined by the couple.

We can advise and offer a direction. Men frequently prefer realization of their own vision and ideas about a date.

Meeting several candidates who correspond to your expectations;

Romantic dates with a girl who has completed an individual training and oriented on the high-quality relationship;

Filtration and the entire selection process of the candidates are provided by the agency - we highly value your time!  

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